Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Gay marriage - then I'm getting a divorce

Surrounded as I am with gays, their lives hold no fascination or horror for me. The gay bars and clubs of Brighton enrich the city and no-one is forcing you in the front door, and if you want to pop in the back door that again is fine with me.

I am the modern tolerant man. I use that word with its traditional meaning: “to put up with” - not to approve, nor take part, but to allow others to live their lives as they choose.

But the tolerance must go both ways. This is my country, I was here first. If you think its a good place to live too, then by all means visit and if you're going to stay then make a contribution and obey the rules. This is what marriage is to me. We invented it.

Marriage is an straight institution. How do I know? Simple. If you need to prefix an established term with another word then you are certainly corrupting the original word’s meaning. For example: vegetarian burger. Burgers are meat, and just sticking “veggie” in front of it does not change its meaning - you are just hijacking the word. They didn’t get away with it on soya “milk”, they were forced to call it “soya alternative to dairy” - hmm, sounds nice.

Gay is to marriage like vegetarian is to burger and intelligent is to design. I would have no objection to “gay alternative to marriage”. Did vegans give up and die just because they couldn't call it milk? No, sadly.

I’m not alone with this point of view although many in the Tory party are afraid to talk about it, and much to my surprise I'm in agreement with most religious leaders including the wako-catholicos. But what do these people do aside from whinge? This government has repeatedly stated it supports “marriage” but that is no different from supporting punctuality by making the clocks run slow.

But I am married. And what I entered into I don't want redefined after the event. I signed a contract and I expect it to be honored. If its definition changes I can't see how I can still be married? If gay “marriage” lead to more unmarried people then what is the point?

The only way the government is going to change its proposals is to see marriage numbers drop. If gay “marriage” is adopted then I'm getting a straight divorce while I can. This is the only logical step to take - to not follow our conscience on this would show a massive deficit of sincerity concerning our objections. Unless you are willing to make a sacrifice for your way of life then is it worth even fighting for? If you are not already married then please vow to never enter into marriage until this government listens to reason.

For this reason I hope you will join with me to pledge:

“We the undersigned pledge to divorce, or never enter into a marriage if gay marriage legislation is enacted by the UK government.”

Sign the petition now.

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